Symes Group

Led by Jessica Symes, Symes Group is a leadership and coaching consultancy. Jessica Symes is an executive and career coach with a Masters in Applied Science (Psychology of Coaching) from The University of Sydney.  Symes Group's purpose is to support individuals with practical skills and mindset to excel in their careers. Jessica and her team design and deliver bespoke workshops and programs to prepare individuals at every stage of their careers today with the skills required for the workforce of the future. 


Symes Group's unique methodology in coaching for Career Success is focussed on supporting her coaching clients develop in the areas of;







Symes Group combines the foundations of creativity with the science of personality and the principles of coaching psychology. Symes Group's programs are relevant, valuable and can be embedded into your organisation's culture.


Symes Group is passionate about helping people take ownership of their careers and communicate and collaborate with exceptional superhuman skills to thrive in positive, purposeful and meaningful workplaces.

Ph: 1300 657 934

Suite 106, 7-11 Clarke Street, Crows Nest NSW 2065

PO Box 5192 Greenwich NSW 2065

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